Our Musicians

Alexander Gunchenko
Double Bass
Miscellaneous Information:

Alexander Gunchenko was born in Kiev, Ukraine in June 1978. He studied at Lysenko School of Music in Kiev, Ukraine, and at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory (now Academy of Music) 1997-1999, Kiev, Ukraine. At the same time he worked with the National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (1997-1999) and National Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra of Ukraine (1998–1999). In 1999, Alexander immigrated to New Zealand where joined Christchurch Symphony and took the position of Associate Principal Double Bass section in 2002. He participated in the NZ National Youth Orchestra in 2001 as an Associate Principal and in 2002 as Principal of Double Bass section. In 2003, he completed his BMus at University of Canterbury with Dale Gold and Edith Zaltzman, and freelanced with major orchestras throughout Australasia before joined the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in 2007. Alexander undertook masterclasses with Paul Ellison and was invited to study with Jeff Bradetich for the Elite Soloists Masterclasses in 2011. He is a member of the contemporary ensemble Stroma, as well as an active chamber music and solo recital performer.