, Hannah Playhouse, Wellington

New directions in indigenous musical forms — Stroma meets New Zealand's masters of taonga puoro.


Ariana Tikao (voice & taonga puoro)

Alistair Fraser (taonga puoro)

Hamish McKeich (conductor)


Philip Brownlee/Ariana Tikao Ko te tātai whetū for ensemble and taonga puoro

Dylan Lardelli Musical Box for ensemble and taonga puoro

Tristan Carter Tohoraha for strings & taonga puoro

Gillian Whitehead Hineraukatauri for flute & taonga puoro

Ariana Tikao Ka taka te mōtoi for ensemble, voice & taonga puoro

Hirini Melbourne & Ariana Tikao Amokura for ensemble, voice & taonga puoro

Tātai Whetū


, City Gallery Wellington, Wellington

Less is more — the scintillating sounds of the minimalist movement.


Hamish McKeich (conductor)


Steve Reich Double Sextet for ensemble

Julia Wolfe Lick for ensemble

Alison Isadora New work for piano quintet

Georg Friedrich Haas Anachronism for ensemble

Eve de Castro-Robinson Cross-Hatchings for ensemble

Terry Riley In C for ensemble

Maximum Minimalism

, City Gallery Wellington, Wellington

Music from the frontiers of sound & technology


Hamish McKeich (conductor)

Jonny Marks (throat-singing)

Ed Allen (prepared horn)


Kaija Saariaho Cendres for alto flute, cello and piano

Tristan Murail Mémoire-Érosion for ensemble

Salvatore Sciarrino Fauno che fischia a un Merlo for flute and harp

Annea Lockwood Immersion for 3 percussion

Luigi Ceccarelli Respiri for prepared horn and electronics

Michael Norris Sygyt for ensemble, throat-singer, and electronics

Spectral Electric